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Why Choose Broker's Title & Closing, LLC?

Broker's Title & Closing, LLC meticulously strives to maintain its high level of extraordinary customer service through consistent communication with all parties involved.

Upon selecting Broker’s Title & Closing, LLC as your settlement services provider, we promise to:

  • Perform title examinations to ascertain that no defects exist in the chain of ownership on the real estate being conveyed and, if discovered, guide the seller(s) to resolution of any title issues prior to closing
  • Verify real estate taxes to avoid any unnecessary surprises concerning property taxes, specifically existing tax liens
  • Obtain payoffs of all seller mortgages and liens to ensure clear title on the subject property
  • Properly prepare and thoroughly review all loan documents and other required state and county closing forms
  • Ensure quick and fluid cash transactions
  • Conduct the closing, summarizing and making sense of the legalese contained in the closing documents and answering any additional questions concerning your transaction
  • Disburse funds in strict accordance with the HUD Settlement Statement
  • Record the new deed and mortgage(s), if applicable, as well as file all necessary State and County documents
  • Issue Owner and Lender title insurance policies in a timely manner
  • Offer a very competitive fee schedule

As New Hampshire’s premier real estate title and closing specialists, Broker’s team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals will exercise maximum due diligence in providing the above settlement services and work closely with all parties involved to effect an efficient and timely closing at the most convenient location.